January 14, 2017

Welcome to Cambridge Associates’ (“C|A”) Intro Friday! This program is an outreach initiative by C|A to uncover institutional caliber emerging minority-owned and women-owned investment management firms that have somehow flown beneath our radar or may have lost contact with our Research professionals.

Each firm will have 15 minutes to pitch and introduce their firm’s capabilities to members of the C|A investment advisory community via conference call, with a plan to have firms ready to invest on an institutional basis advance to a larger audience within their respective asset class/strategy space.

Entering firm data on C|A’s expansive manager database, including key personnel and performance, is free and relatively simple to do. In fact, all investment managers on the C|A database are responsible for updating and ensuring the accuracy of their own information. This information is used to generate factsheets on our end. It would be helpful to have your information on our system prior to our conference call with your firm. Please follow the steps below to join the database:

  1. Visit our public website at www.cambridgeassociates.com
  2. At the top of the page select “Managers
  3. Scroll down and select “Public Manager” or “Private Manager” and then select “Join a Database
  4. Complete the template and submit; a member of the manager information team will respond to your request within 24 hours of receipt.

When submitting electronic copies of your firm’s materials before the conference calls, please include all business card contact information for each of the firm members who will be presenting:

  • Company Name
  • Presenter Name
  • Title
  • Phone Number
    • Fax Number
  • Cell Number (optional)
  • Email Address

Please craft a three to four line summary (“elevator speech”) about your firm including the following details:

  • Strategy
  • Assets under Management (“AUM”)
  • Category and size of minority or woman ownership
  • Other pertinent information about your firm

We provide an example of the elevator speech summary:

“ABC Company presents its firm’s xxx products. The Boston-based firm, founded in 20xx, focuses on xxx. The firm has $xxMM in AUM focuses on providing investors with long-term capital growth through equities that trade at discounted valuations. Historic net returns for the past three years have averaged x.x%. We are a certified minority-owned firm.”

The conference calls will happen at selected times on selected Fridays each month, with capacity being filled on a first come first served basis. Please reach out to one of the following members of the Intro Friday group to sign up for a time slot:

LaRoy Brantley
E: lbrantley@cambridgeassociates.com T: 617-457-1828

Keon Holmes
E: kholmes@cambridgeassociates.com T: 617-457-1808

Malcolm McClain
E: mmcclain@cambridgeassociates.com T: 617-457-1845

We at C|A look forward to the opportunity of meeting highly qualified managers and hearing their compelling stories, which may help our clients to achieve their stated return objectives.