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During this time of uncertainty and volatility, AAAIM’s mission continues. In fact, our work is more vital today than ever as we support all diverse communities through professional development, coalition building and empowerment. At AAAIM, we are redoubling our efforts to educate, connect, and build our diverse network of investment professionals in order to serve as a catalyst for broad economic growth in our country for years to come.

Research findings, both in this study and work from other academics, continue to suggest the existence of large gaps in representation throughout the asset management industry.

Prof. Josh Lerner, Bella Private Markets

AAAIM Strives for Greater Diversity Despite Supreme Court Decision

AAAIM Strives for Greater Diversity Despite Supreme Court Decision

Affirmative action plays a vital role in creating a more equitable and just society. It recognizes the historical and current disadvantages and systemic barriers that have hindered the progress of underrepresented communities in accessing educational and employment...

Execs Spotlight South Asian Underrepresentation

Scarcity persists in the top echelons of U.S. asset management industry As asset management firms seek to increase diversity and expand inclusion among their workforces, some would like to see more efforts made to address underrepresentation of South Asians in...

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