Diverse Managers Directory

AAAIM has built a Diverse Managers Directory in partnership with Clade, a platform that enables LPs to connect with Diverse Managers within AAAIM’s community. AAAIM is committed to assisting diverse GPs to connect with Limited Partners to promote their inclusion and improve capital allocation across the community. As the directory gets built out over time, AAAIM strives to improve AUM figures across AAPI-owned firms and provide an opportunity for Limited Partners to discover new GPs that can provide a differentiated source of returns.


Who can be included in the Diverse Managers Directory?

While we encourage women and minority-owned managers to sign up for the platform, we will include all types of managers and allocators. AAAIM defines women and minority-owned managers as having greater than 33% ownership of the firm.

How do I sign up for the platform?

Please reach out to andrew.bae@aaaim.org to receive an invitation to the platform.

As a GP, can I reach out to LPs directly?

Clade is an LP-driven platform, meaning LPs may reach out to GPs if interested but GPs cannot reach out to LPs.

Will I have to pay a subscription fee to use the platform?

For LPs: Users can either join their colleague’s team or create their own team for free.

For GPs: A single user can join the platform for free, however, additional pricing plans are available starting at $3k/year. If you have questions regarding the enterprise pricing plans, please reach out to angela@clade.co.

Do I have to be an AAAIM sponsor or member to join the Diverse Managers Directory?

We do not currently require anyone to be an AAAIM sponsor or member to join the Diverse Managers Directory.