Emerging Leaders Initiative

Educate, Connect and Develop Diverse Investment Professionals


Through ELI, AAAIM is working to invest in our future AAPI leaders and support the collective goal of ensuring full participation of ALL communities in the investment field.

Gordon C.C. Liao, ELI Committee Founder & Chair

ELI exists to help AAPIs break the bamboo ceiling. While AAPIs are largely represented in top educational institutions, and in the junior ranks of many organizations, there is a vast underrepresentation of AAPIs in senior roles throughout corporate America, specifically within the financial and investment industry. While there are organizations that aim to assist all minorities in organizational inclusion, AAPIs are often underrepresented because of the “Model Minority Myth.” Unfortunately, there are few organizations focused on career development and formal leadership workshops for AAPIs throughout the full life cycle of their professional journey. AAAIM is working to create a platform for upward mobility of AAPIs and other underrepresented communities in the investment field. 


Support AAPI Professional Growth and Build a Powerful Network of Leaders


Invest in Underserved Individuals in the Investment Field


Nurture Our Community’s Entrepreneurial Spirit through Training and Education

New York City

ELI Cohort

Our research shows that AAPIs typically plateau at the mid–career level due to lack of institutional focus and career development opportunities. To address this professional growth gap, AAAIM is launching a targeted cohort program for a select group of high potential, mid–career AAPIs to further their careers. More locations to follow!



Thank you to our sponsors

Emily He

Emily He

Investment Associate, Mother Cabrini Health Foundation

Tiffany Yuan

Tiffany Yuan

Senior Associate, Palladium Equity Partners

Chakradhar Singh

Chakradhar Singh

Executive Director of Institutional Sales, Equity Derivatives, CIBC Capital Markets

Linda Luu

Linda Luu

Vice President, Blackstone

Angie Chatterjee

Angie Chatterjee

Director, Bank of America Securities

Chloe Choi

Chloe Choi

Vice President, Private Funds Advisory, Moelis & Company

Brian Park

Brian Park

Vice President, Bank of America Securities


“AAAIM High ELI” is focused on raising the profile of emerging leaders who aspire to become the next generation of pioneers in the investment management industry. Podcast guests include established and emerging managers, asset allocators, industry leaders and content experts passionate about raising the representation of AAPIs into senior ranks across the industry. Over time, we hope our podcast will serve as a library of valuable content for the investment community.

EP 31 – Sona Menon, Partner Head of North American Pensions and Outsourced CIO at Cambridge Associates, “My Path to becoming Outsourced CIO”

EP 30 – Eric Nierenberg, Chief Strategy Officer, MassPRIM, “Building a Diverse Team and the Value of Diversity”

EP 29 – Pooja Malik, CEO & Founder Partner, Nipun Capital “From BGI to Nipun: Path to starting my Hedge Fund”

EP 28 – J.Dennis Jean-Jacques, Founder & CIO, Ocean Park Investments, “Betting on Yourself, Why I started my Hedge Fund”

EP 27 – Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri, Founder & CEO, Bodhi Research Group, “Why I started my own Independent Alternative Investment Consulting Firm”

EP 26 – Barbara Byrne, Former Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Barclays and Lehman Brothers “Shattering the Glass Ceiling”

EP 25 – Deepak Gurnani, Founder and Managing Partner, Versor Investments and Thiago de Freitas, Senior Portfolio Manager, Liquid Alternatives, UPS Group Trust “The Search for Uncorrelated Alpha: Systematic Global Macro”

EP 24 – Seema Hingorani, MD, Morgan Stanley Investment Management and Founder & Chair, Girls Who Invest. “Pacing the Way and Inspiring tomorrow’s Women Investment Leaders”

EP 23 – Elizabeth Burton, CIO, Employees’ Retirement System of the State of Hawaii and Lindsay Burton, Founder and President, Kayo Conference Series “The Burton Sisters: Trailblazers and Leading by Example”

EP 22 – Ginger Lew, Co-Founder of AAAIM and CEO, Three Oaks Investments, LLC – “What it took:  Achieving Career Success in both the Public and Private Sectors”

EP 21 – Carrie Lo, CFA, CAIA, Portfolio Manager, CalSTRS’ Risk Mitigating Strategies “The Woman behind CalSTRS’ $25 billion+ uncorrelated portfolio”

EP 20 – Deborah Way, Managing Director, Global Markets & Fintech, Sheffield Haworth “An Asian Female MD Perspective: When to leave, how to get promoted, getting paid fairly, taking ownership of your career”

EP 19 – Josh Lerner, Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School “AAAIM Bella Research Study of AAPI Representation and Performance in the Asset Management Industry”

EP 18 – Jason Hsu, Founder and CIO, Rayliant Global Advisors “Taking my Shot: Leaving Research Affiliates to build Rayliant”

EP 17 – Geeta Kapadia, Associate Treasurer, Investments, Yale New Haven Health “My Path to leading a $5 billion Pool of Investment Assets”

EP 16 – Rendel Solomon, Strategic Advisor to Goalsetter and Founder of One Stock One Future “Sharecropper to Shareholder”

EP 15 – Lorence Kim, Venture Partner, Third Rock Ventures / Former CFO, Moderna “A Lifetime of Preparation and Hard Work / My Role in Fighting COVID-19”

EP 14 – Sammy Suzuki, Co-CIO of Strategic Core Equities, AllianceBernstein “My Path to becoming Co-CIO and Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling”

EP 13 – Evelyn Chen, Founder and Portfolio Manager, Grand Alliance Asset Management “The Secret Required to be a Great Stock Picker: Patience and Dissecting Insects”

EP 12 – Maeley Tom, California State Legislature Extraordinaire and Founding Co-Chair of AAAIM “I’m Not Who You Think I Am…”

EP 11 – Susan Oh, Director – ESG Research and Currency Hedging at PA PSERS “Put Yourself in the CIO’s Shoes and Be the Change You Want to See”

EP 10 – Suzanne Yoon, Founder and Managing Partner, Kinzie Capital Partners “Asian Female Founder led Private Equity Firm – Oh Yeah!”

EP 9 – Syed Haque, Director of Public Markets and Roxton McNeal, Director of Multi-Asset Investment Strategy & Allocation “The UPS Pension Way”

EP 8 – Kim Lew, CEO, Columbia Investment Management Company – “The Role Model of Role Models”

EP 7 – Andrew Chen, Portfolio Manager, Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company And Marcos Veremis, Partner, Evanston Capital “An Institutional Investor Perspective: How we think about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency”

EP 6 – Danny Lee, Partner, Blue Pool Capital “Private Equity: humble beginnings, achieving success and paying it forward”

EP 5 – Troy Dixon, Founder and CIO, Hollis Park Partners and Greg Maddox, Head of Global Manager Research, Wells Fargo Investment Institute “Designing an Emerging and Diverse Manager Program from Scratch”

EP 4 – James Chen, Founder and CIO, Ovata Capital “The nice guy on the verge of making it big…”

EP 3 – Puneet Kohli, Head of Alternative Investments team, HOOPP “Meet the man who has done it all.”

EP 2 – Kirk Sims, Head of Emerging Managers, Teachers Retirement System of Texas “The VIP every emerging manager wants to know”

EP 1 – Monica Hsiao, Founder and CIO, Triada Capital “The industry’s next $1billion female-led hedge fund- why not?”