AAAIM High Live

AAAIM’s new video podcast series will inspire, educate and showcase notable thought leaders from the investment industry. Each month, AAAIM will feature individuals who have made true impact on our industry and have championed the cause of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Introducing AAAIM High Live

Ep 6: Interview with Tom Lee, CIO, NYSTRS

Ep 5: David Liu presents “The Way of the Wall Street Warrior”

Ep 4: Brenda Chia, AAAIM Co-Chair Interviews David Chiang, CIO, Pritzker Family Foundations

Ep 3: AAAIM Co-founder Ginger Lew Interviews Jerry Yang

Ep 2: Aakar Vachhani, Partner, Fairview Capital Interviews Theresia Gouw, Co-founder, Acrew Capital

Ep 1: Marcos Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Palladium Equity Partners, Celebrates 25 Years of Diversity