Happy Thanksgiving From AAAIM!

At AAAIM, we are grateful to our network of members and partners for helping to further the cause of Diversity and Inclusion in 2021. We also give thanks to all those who paved the way for a better life for us and continue to advocate on behalf of the AAPI community. As we prepare our meals and get ready to sit around the Thanksgiving table with our loved ones this year, AAAIM is very blessed to have your continued support.


AAAIM SoCal Chapter Hosts End of Year Reception on Nov. 30th!

AAAIM’s SoCal Chapter will host a Town Hall & reception on November 30th in LA

In addition to the opportunity to gather for the last time in 2021, we will have a robust discussion about AAAIM & Backstop Solutions’ study entitled “Good Workers – Not Leaders: Unconscious Biases That Stall AAPI Advancement


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