AAAIM Celebrates the Trailblazers and the Underdogs During AANHPI Heritage Month

As we conclude AANHPI Heritage Month, AAAIM reflects on the significant contributions our community has made to the field of finance and investment management. Our community has made outsized impacts in areas ranging from the number of patents to Nobel Prizes and various innovations. Although the AAPI community represents just over 6% of the US population, we hold more than 13% of STEM jobs and are responsible for 19% of high-impact patents, according to recent Goldman Sachs Research. Since 1980, members of our community have won one in ten Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. AAPIs are overrepresented in the fastest growing and economically vital industries in America.


AAAIM & PIMCO Celebrates AANHPI Heritage Month in Southern California

Thank you to PIMCO for hosting AAAIM and its members for an afternoon of education and networking on May 23rd. PIMCO economist, Tiffany Wilding, hosted a discussion highlighting market trends and policy decisions that’s driving US economic performance and consumer behavior. We were fortunate to have an inspiring panel who shared their personal journeys as they climbed the ladder in our industry; Thank you to: Bryan Fujita, LAFPP; Poorvi Parekh, Canterbury Consulting; and Amit Thanki, SBCERA. As we celebrate the enormous contribution of AANHPI community, AAAIM is grateful for the generosity of our partners and the LP community for supporting our mission of inclusivity and opportunity for all.

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