AAAIM Addresses Upward Mobility Challenges Facing AAPIs in Recent FundFire Article
In a recent FundFire article regarding SSGA’s decision to hold portfolio companies accountable for not disclosing racial and ethnic composition of their boards and workforce, AAAIM applauded the move of adding transparency in the industry while discussing the unique challenges facing AAPIs in the investment field.


AAAIM High ELI Podcast
The VIP Every Emerging Manager Wants to Know
Want to know how Teachers Retirement System of Texas selects its emerging managers? Kirk Sims, Head of the Emerging Manager Program at the $160 billion public retirement system, joined the AAAIM High ELI podcast to give us the scoop. Kirk oversees one of the largest emerging manager programs in the country, which has already committed $3.7 billion. Find out more about TRS’ process in identifying new managers by listening to the podcast.

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