This month, our special welcome to AAAIM’s newest Members!

  • Thank you to Constance Sng for advocating from AAAIM within Hudson Cove Capital Management.  Hudson Cove has been gaining a lot of recognition and awards lately.  AAAIM likes to partner with the best!  Congrats, Constance!
  • Thank you to Basant Kedia for advocating for AAAIM within First Republic Bank (FRB). For those of you who need banking services, definitely reach out to Basant for your banking needs.  He can also help you get in front of FRB’s manager selection team!  Pretty cool, right?
Special thanks to Pranjul Srivastava for referring Basant and being an AAAIMazing AAAIMbassador.  By the way, Pranjul was also referred to AAAIM by another friend, Avik Mukhopadhyay.  Avik referred Pranjul, Pranjul referred Basant.  Word of mouth referral at its finest…  We can’t wait to see who’s next!

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