2022 Year of the Tiger and the Changes to Come

2022 is the year of the Tiger. People born in the year of the Tiger are thought to be very competitive and known for their individual courage and resilience. While Tigers want to win, they also seek justice for all and symbolizes new beginnings…


AAAIM High ELI Podcast

“Early Stage Venture Capital Investing”

Episode 43 features Shuo Chen who is a General Partner at Innovation Overflow Venture Capital (IOVC), where she has invested in 60-plus seed-stage startups focused on the future of work. Shuo is also on the faculty of UC Berkeley College of Engineering and Singularity University where she has taught and mentored hundreds of students since 2010. Shuo’s investments have been acquired by companies from Goldman Sachs to Instacart, and she’s helped close deals with the likes of Amazon and NASA. Shuo serves as one of 13 voting members on California’s Mental Health Commission, and has served as Chair of the Board of Decode, an innovation community co-hosted with UC Berkeley and Stanford. Shuo previously worked at Goldman Sachs and PwC, and co-authored a book on financial regulations in 2019.

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