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Welcoming Revere VC & Ducenta Squared to the AAAIM Family!


“As an asset management firm focusing on venture capital, Revere exists to do well but equally important for us is to do good. Revere’s focus on working with different communities to develop innovative investment products, while promoting diverse emerging managers, is strongly aligned with AAAIM’s directives. Rather than being just a sound bite, diversity is of critical importance to us, as our business is minority-owned and our team consists almost entirely of individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups. Revere is the pioneer of the Venture Capital Basket™ (VCB), which provides investors customized, thematic exposure to VC emerging managers and the themes they care about. In line with our mission, our first VCB theme is a diversity & inclusion basket supporting the best underrepresented investors, which can add value to AAAIM’s offerings and support programs.”
– Chris Shen, Co-founder


Ducenta Squared

As an Asian American, CEO and Principal David Kang recognizes the importance and influence of organizations like AAAIM in the investment management landscape. Mr. Kang has a long history of service to the community in promoting diversity and inclusion. Working closely with his alma mater, the University of California, Irvine, he serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Center for Investment and Wealth Management and for the Center for Real Estate.

Ducenta Squared Asset Management is proud to partner with AAAIM in the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the investment management industry. At DSAM, we believe having a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion fosters a positive team environment and empowers our employees. In forming a partnership with AAAIM, DSAM hopes to assist in increasing the visibility of diverse investment management firms, while promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the industry. 


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