This month, our special welcome to AAAIM’s newest supporters!

  • WCAS
  • Prosiris
  • Usonian Investments


Special thanks to:


Also, thank you to the following AAAIMazing AAAIMbassadors:
  • Dave Baeckelandt from Cambridge Associates
  • Brenda Chia from Paladin Capital Group (AAAIM Board of Director)
  • Tony Lee from Progress Investment Management (AAAIM Board of Director)
  • Gordon Liao from Modjule LLC (AAAIM Board of Director)


Pedal to the metal… With our marquee National Conference only 2 1/2 weeks away, AAAIM is working full speed ahead on the final touches.  Prices go up after today so grab the limited tickets ASAP.

We’ve also added more speakers and roundtable hosts to the rockstar line-up (you’re welcome!).  Please check it out at


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