AAAIM Launches the Inaugural 2021 Emerging Leaders Cohort Program to Support High Potential AAPI in Investment Industry

AAAIM is proud to announce our first ever Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) Cohort, launching in New York City this year, with cohorts in other markets to follow. Our research shows that too many Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) plateau at mid-career level due to lack of institutional programs and limited access to career development opportunities because of the “model minority” myth. AAPIs are represented well in top educational institutions, and in junior ranks of many investment firms. However, there is a vast under-representation of AAPIs in senior roles relative to the size of the professional workforce within the financial and investment industry…


Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Face ‘Bamboo Ceiling’ in Money Management

In this broader conversation around diversity and inclusion, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, or AAPIs, are at risk of being left behind because myths of the “model minority” persist. While the recent escalation of heinous hate crimes against the AAPI community has shed light on the history of discrimination and attacks endured by the community, the social and institutional barriers AAPIs had to overcome to succeed continues to be downplayed. In fact, there is a widespread misperception that the AAPI community experiences no or limited obstacles in navigating the investment industry. The reality is that AAPI-owned managers face a steep climb toward equal opportunity and full inclusion.
– Jim Park, CEO | Op-Ed in P&I

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