CEO, Jim Park interviews AAAIM High ELI podcast creator, host, and Board Member, Johnny Wu


QuestionJohnny, Congrats on your 25th AAAIM High Podcast! What has been the most rewarding part of hosting this podcast?

Johnny: I’ve been an avid podcast listener for the past 4 years. I learn a lot especially from finance and business focused podcasts from some of the best in the business, such as Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Ted Seides, and Dean Curnutt interviewing the heavyweights of finance including Marc Andreessen, Howard Marks and Cliff Asness. However, the big gap I saw in the market was the lack of podcasts featuring finance professionals that embrace diversity, specifically those that highlight the AAPI community. My vision for the AAAIM HIGH ELI podcast is to focus on all the wonderful influencers, role models, and experts that play such important roles in the finance industry. Each of our featured guests is highly accomplished and I feel fortunate that their collective wisdom and experience is made available on a podcast. Personally, it is extremely rewarding for me to amplify investment managers and allocators that are the perennial “underdogs” that have so much to advice to share.

Question – I know you wanted to highlight many Asian Americans in the investment business doing amazing things with their careers and giving back to the community through the podcast. What has been the unexpected surprise for you hosting the podcast?

Johnny: For those that know me, I always try to keep the mood light to make the podcast a fun experience. Our featured speakers are highly sought after so it has been nice to get feedback from our speakers that they generally have an awesome time participating on our podcasts.

Question – What has been the common thread to success you’ve seen from your guests on the podcast?

Johnny: Culturally, it is very common for Asians to be brought up being good, quiet, respectful, and filial. Unfortunately, in corporate America, these traits don’t allow Asians to realize their full potential and get opportunities as “the squeaky wheel usually gets the grease.” What I often tell my kids is “Don’t ask, don’t get.” The common thread I found among our guests is that they are not only “askers”, but also “masterful at executing.”

Question – You’ve built a nice career in the investment field, Johnny. After doing the podcast for the past eight months, what have you learned personally about yourself and the career choices you’ve made?

Johnny: I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed some success in my career and, while I certainly have made some mistakes along the way, I am very happy with my career choices. Serving on the AAAIM Board and starting the podcast series on behalf of AAAIM has been very gratifying to me personally knowing our AAAIM network is benefiting from the content. All my career, I have always been very focused on achieving my personal goals. This podcast has been a change of pace as it is nice to focus and help others as opposed to helping myself.