AAAIM Accelerate: Externship Program

AAAIM is launching an interactive, hybrid program for diverse college students interested in the field of investment management and financial services to develop skills needed to apply for internships and better prepare them for the workforce.
The AAAIM Externship program is an experiential learning opportunity that allows students to learn from young investment professionals, heads of Human Resources, industry veterans and professional coaches on what it takes to enter the investment and financial business. This program is open to all diverse candidates, with a special emphasis on supporting AAPI students coming from modest income families.

Program Overview

The AAAIM Externship program will accept a small group of up to 25 students for late Summer of 2023. Students are selected through an application-based process by submitting a cover letter and resume.

AAAIM’s Externship consists of an intensive 5 day hybrid program that provides students career exposure in the investment and finance industry, virtual training and education. During this program, students will gather for professional development training on resume building, interviewing, and relationship building. They will also meet with investment and finance professionals to gain insight on the vast career paths in the industry. At the end of the program, AAAIM will assist in matching students with mentors and potential internship opportunities.

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Mentorship Matching

AAAIM will incorporate opportunities for students to connect with selected mentors from participating firms and AAAIM’s member network. During this time, students and mentors will engage in conversations in an informal environment. AAAIM will work with students and mentors to determine the best match for mentorship beyond the Externship program based on interest, location, and industry.

Continuation of the relationship between the student and mentor after the externship program will be up to the individuals.


Applications are now closed.