The Senior Investment Officer is a key member of the Investment Team working in a small and cohesive team environment. In this role, the Senior Investment Officer will collaborate with the Chief Investment Officer on all aspects of portfolio management, including the sourcing, selection and monitoring of investment managers for the portfolio, performing investment research, conducting portfolio and performance analysis, preparing written investment recommendations for the Board of Directors, and presenting and advocating for those investment recommendations at the Board of Directors meetings. While the portfolio is well diversified across asset classes, an investment advisor leads the manager sourcing and monitoring for the public investments (public equity and hedge funds) so, in this role, private markets are the primary focus. Atapco is committed to incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into its investment decision making and working with investment managers who are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Company Summary

Louis Blaustein and his 18-year-old son, Jacob, founded the American Oil Company (Amoco) in 1910, and it later grew into one of America’s largest and most innovative oil companies. American Oil merged with Standard Oil of Indiana in 1954, and the company later changed its name in 1985 to Amoco Corporation. Jacob Blaustein also made a name for himself as a passionate human rights and civic service advocate.

Atapco was formed in 1931 to consolidate, expand, and diversify the Blaustein family’s business activities, later to include manufacturing and distribution, marine transportation, oil & gas, and real estate. Regarding real estate, the family built the Blaustein Building in downtown Baltimore in 1961, which served as the Atapco headquarters until 2001, and was one of the key developments that sparked the renaissance of Baltimore in the early 1960s.

At the end of 1998, the company completed a tax-free reorganization, splitting into three separate and unrelated companies. Atapco today represents the interests of the Hirschhorn and Roswell branches of the descendants of Louis Blaustein. (The other entities created were Lord Baltimore Capital Corporation and Rosemore, Inc., representing other branches of the family). Today, Atapco’s operating business interest is the acquisition, development, and operation of high-quality commercial real estate properties. Atapco also has a diverse and sophisticated investment portfolio, as well as a family office (Atapco Financial Services) that oversees foundation, trust, and individual family member portfolios. The firm is built on a foundation of commitment to quality, integrity, excellence, and dedication to community— attributes important to Louis and Jacob Blaustein and carried on by the firm today.

The Atapco Investment Portfolio is governed by the Board of Directors and the Investment Committee of the Board of Directors. The primary objective is to preserve and grow the significant capital base at acceptable levels of risk, while mitigating risk through portfolio construction and rigorous due diligence. Atapco invests across a globally diversified pool of asset classes and employs many of the world’s most successful investment managers for security selection of public and private equities, and absolute return strategies.

Atapco prioritizes investing with managers who integrate Environmental, Social and Governance factors into their investment processes and are committed to diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments in both their own firms and in their portfolio companies.