Study launched during Women’s History Month will advance understanding of widespread discrimination revealed in 2021 report

March 24, 2022 (San Francisco, California): Today, the Association of Asian American Investment Managers (AAAIM) launched a survey to shed light on the experiences of Asian American women in hiring, retention and promotion, and to explore topics of bias and discrimination in investment management. Results and analysis of the survey will be published in the Summer, expanding upon a 2021 AAAIM report detailing the unconscious biases that stall AAPI advancement. The survey is sponsored by Backstop Solutions Group, whose mission is to help the institutional investment industry use time to its fullest potential.

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) women investment management professionals based in the U.S. are encouraged to respond to the survey regarding hiring and career advancement, as well as bias and discrimination. The data collected will be complemented by qualitative interviews. Themes of the report will be explored further with speakers from the industry during AAAIM’s national conference, September 28-30th in New York City.

“This survey builds on our groundbreaking 2021 report that uncovered a bamboo ceiling – where 95% of AAPIs had experienced some level of discrimination and bias in their careers. This year, we will double-click on the intersection of being AAPI and a woman; we will gather insights that go beyond anecdotes to see if and where there are gender differences in the AAPI experience as well,” said Jim Park, CEO of AAAIM.

Maryling Yu, Chief Marketing Officer of Backstop Solutions Group added, “This survey will provide data that will let us dig deeper into the open secret in many industries, which is that the intersection of being AAPI and a woman is a difficult place to be. It’s time for this two-pronged aspect of gender bias and ethnic discrimination to be examined more closely.”

AAAIM’s survey will gather data and explore how the experiences of AAPI women may be reviewed by companies, allies, and Asian American and Pacific Islanders seeking to address any issues of gender discrimination and bias in the workplace in the investment industry. The subsequent report will recommend how companies may institute changes that support AAPI women.

The Women’s Survey can be taken here.

The 2021 report Good Workers – Not Leaders: Unconscious Biases That Stall AAPI Advancement may be viewed here.

AAAIM continues to advocate for dialogue around diversity, equity and inclusion that raises awareness of challenges and bigotry AAPIs face in the workplace in the investment industry.



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