San Francisco — April 1, 2021— As the Chief Operating Officer of a Latino-owned firm based in Chicago, diversity, equity, and inclusion have been central to the firm’s values and ethos since its inception. With 69% of our team members represented by minorities and women, I find great comfort knowing that Kabouter is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment, especially during these unsettling times.

As an Asian American woman, I am heartbroken and deeply saddened by the rise in discrimination and violence against our AAPI community. The latest tragedies are painful reminders of a long history where Asian Americans have been unwelcomed and unwanted. Despite these challenges, I remain hopeful that change is possible with increased awareness of these issues, growing activism, and advocacy by organizations such as AAAIM.

When I read AAAIM’s statement against Asian American Hate Crimes in the March issue, I felt encouraged and moved. Their vision to focus on professional success and cause is imperative and urgent today. For too long, Asian Americans have been invisible in America’s history and believed hard work and success would eliminate discrimination. I applaud AAAIM for serving as a voice for the AAPI community as well as their community outreach and advocacy efforts. As a new corporate sponsor, we look forward to our partnership with AAAIM.

– Linda Choi, Chief Operating Officer, Kabouter Management, LLC.