Affirmative action plays a vital role in creating a more equitable and just society. It recognizes the historical and current disadvantages and systemic barriers that have hindered the progress of underrepresented communities in accessing educational and employment opportunities. At its core, affirmative action aims to address these disparities by providing equitable opportunities for marginalized groups.

As an organization representing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the investment industry, we acknowledge the complex dynamics surrounding this issue and the real challenges it can create for students seeking admission into higher education. It is important to acknowledge that admissions decisions are influenced by multiple factors beyond race and ethnicity, which often do not receive the same level of public attention. With the recent ruling, the AAPI community has been unwittingly placed in middle of this ideological debate between color-blind meritocracy and the fight for equal opportunity for all communities.

Affirmative action policies have been an instrumental part of countering the long-standing impact of discrimination and inequality. They help level the playing field and promote diversity, which is essential for a fair and inclusive society. A diverse environment in educational institutions and the workplace enriches the learning experience, fosters better decision-making, and encourages a broader understanding of different cultures, experiences, and perspectives. By ensuring broad access to opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, affirmative action breaks the cycle of disadvantage and promotes social mobility. It is worth noting that affirmative action policies have also benefited AAPI communities in terms of our access to broad social and economic opportunities for decades.

AAAIM is committed to supporting expanded diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within the investment industry and advocating for equal access to social and economic opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background. The work to create a just society is ongoing, and we stand ready to contribute to these efforts.