AAAIM Launches a Groundbreaking Research on AAPI Barriers in the Investment Field
AAPIs have made strong progress in entering the field of asset management due to the community’s solid representation at top business schools.  However, the early success at the “frontline” of the investment field as analysts has not fully converted into corresponding opportunities at more senior levels.  As an organization dedicated to furthering opportunity for AAPIs and other underrepresented groups, AAAIM is launching a historic market analysis on what stands in the way of AAPI advancement.


New Website Launched at AAAIM
AAAIM is pleased to announce the roll out of our new website to ensure the AAAIM community has a user friendly experience with up-to-date and reliable content to keep you informed of our new initiatives and events. We look forward to fostering an online community for our members and invite you to contribute your voice to our platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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